What are the common wall problems faced in India

In Indian conditions, there are several problems one comes across on normal walls.

Cracks on the wall
These cracks are formed due to the finished wall having internally different substrates such as RCC, brick filling, hollow brick / precast brick etc or between old and new plaster. Different substrates expand and contract differently in different weather conditions. Due to this undue stress is exerted on the plaster and POP / Gypsum finished wall causing cracks. Another reason is the settlement of beams & columns for new buildings. Shrinkage of plaster after evaporation of water. Vibration & impact rendered on the structure because of repairs or constant hammering. Use of substandard building material or even workmanship.

SOLUTION: – Wings Glass Wall Coverings

This problem can be solved by using Wings Glass Wall Covering which permanently reinforces the interior walls.ie. by fixing WINGS Glass Wall Covering on the wall surface it holds the wall together and does not let the surface expand in a different manner thus preventing cracks. Wings Glass Wall Covering fabrics can bear tensile forces up to 2100 N/5 cm =214 kg /5cms (in wrap direction) whereas other wallpapers have low tensile forces and are unable to prevent cracks from happening.

Paint flaking /peeling on the wall
Humidity develops in the walls of old / new buildings. This could be further aggravated due to the ingress of water from the outside due to cracks on the external wall or due to seepage of water from some slow drip leaking source within or outside. This forces the water to push through the paint which has sealed the surface and come out on to the surface and dry off. It also happens because the walls retain dampness because of reverse capillary action or dead walls exposed to humidity & water. When the water dries on the surface the forced area around the seepage leaves paint flakes, which dirty the walls.

SOLUTION: – Wings Glass Wall Coverings

By applying Wings Glass Wall Covering on the wall surface, the glass wall covering not only holds the wall together but also allows the water to come to the surface without pushing open the painted pores on its surface. This happens because Wings Glass Wall Coverings are breathable fabrics due to which it allows not only air but also water to seep in and dry on the surface of Wings Glass Wall Covering without flaking the paint, thus keeping the wall clean & healthy. In the worst scenario even if the Wings Glass Wall Coverings gets dirty, it can be cleaned without much effort using soap & water and the Wings Glass Covering wall is fully restored to glory. Besides breathing, walls are good for a healthy environment all around.

Powdery effect on the walls
These are called efflorescence. (Efflorescence is the migration of salts to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a crusted coating on the surface.) Salt tends to absorb moisture & release of the same in tandem to the relative humidity.

SOLUTION: – Wings Glass Wall Coverings

This can be solved by overlaying the area with Wings Glass Wall Coverings.

Fire Proof and Safe
In the event of a fire, the correct coating allows minimum damage and maximum time to escape safely.

SOLUTION: – Wings Glass Wall Coverings

Wings Glass Wall Coverings are non-combustible when coated with the right paint system. Glass only starts to melt around 1300 0C. Wings Glass Wall Coverings has been awarded several fire-protection certificates which prove that Wings Glass Wall Coverings are ideal against fire protection. However, care should be taken to use the correct type of paint to obtain the best fire protection.

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Wings Glass Wall Coverings are made by weaving glass (textile) yarns. Glass is melted at very high temperatures (more than 1500 degree centigrade) and extruded as glass yarn. These yarns are woven together as a fabric in various 3D design textures.
Wings Glass Wall Covering are stuck to the wall using special adhesive like a normal wall paper. After the adhesive has dried, painting must be done over it.
The surface has to be smooth, stable and well primed, if the wall is suspected to have dampness, then that wall needs to treated first and then the surfacing finished with good quality white cement putty which has to be sanded and water primed.
Yes. Painting with appropriate paint forms a perfect composite which solves most of the wall problems.
Prevents cracks, No paint Flaking, Washable, Economical, Breathable walls, Anti-static, Fire resistant, and a great problem solver.

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