Water Proofing

Waterproofing of the walls, floors and other areas are essential to protect it from seepages and impart them added strength otherwise they tend to weaken with passage of time. We, at Orbit Marketing, have expertise in executing this process and ensure with our total wall & waterproofing solutions, your structure is sustainable for years to come.

We are the authorised marketers of Trimix, the trusted waterproofing solution from providers based at Ajman, UAE. Our expertise in waterproofing and the environment-proof jointing compounds make an ideal combination for giving your walls the best possible protection. The presence of additives in these compounds helps to solve the issues like cracks, seepages, moisture build-up etc.

The process

We provide end-to-end interior waterproofing solutions and exterior waterproofing solutions. Our experts asses the walls, determine the moisture content and check for all the existing problems thoroughly. Thereafter, they propose the products and apply accordingly. We can cater requirements like parapet waterproofing, terrace waterproofing, washroom waterproofing, and more.

The waterproofing additives are employed before the painting process. Damaged putty / lambi is scrapped down and waterproofing chemicals are applied on the base surface after watering the walls which are allowed to dry. Brush or roller is used for the purpose and two coats are applied with a span of 5-6 hours interval.

Once the gaps are filled up and the application of waterproofing is done the surface needs to be evened out by applying Putty / Lambi for levelling and then painted over with water-based colours

So, if you are looking for the best waterproofing products supplier in town, who understands your walls and commits to making them breathable and lively, look no further than us.

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Wings Glass Wall Coverings are made by weaving glass (textile) yarns. Glass is melted at very high temperatures (more than 1500 degree centigrade) and extruded as glass yarn. These yarns are woven together as a fabric in various 3D design textures.
Wings Glass Wall Covering are stuck to the wall using special adhesive like a normal wall paper. After the adhesive has dried, painting must be done over it.
The surface has to be smooth, stable and well primed, if the wall is suspected to have dampness, then that wall needs to treated first and then the surfacing finished with good quality white cement putty which has to be sanded and water primed.
Yes. Painting with appropriate paint forms a perfect composite which solves most of the wall problems.
Prevents cracks, No paint Flaking, Washable, Economical, Breathable walls, Anti-static, Fire resistant, and a great problem solver.

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Superb Service!!! Thanks to the Orbit Team, We are extremely satisfied with them.


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Seems to be Very durable and decent. Excellent Service .Good job done!


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Very Good product. We got nice service and are satisfied with the work.

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