Wall durability and renovations made easy.

The strength of glass is imparted to the wall surface, thus making it more durable. Besides, it follows every new colour trends. The quality of paint also makes the over-coating better and the product last longer. Wings Glass Wall Coverings can be over-painted more than 12 times without loss of texture and design. Thus it compares well in case of renovation work and change of colour to match the new design given to the renovated area.


Though the initial cost may be expensive the long life helps the cost to come down substantially thus making the product economical and cheap in the long lifespan of 15 plus years. Whenever renovations are undertaken there are several restrictions of the amount spend. It’s here that Glass Wall Covering comes handy as it need not be removed for the alterations and after its completion, it can be painted over with a new coat of paint or even a new colour shade. In term of regular use, it can be washed thoroughly once painted so it looks as good as new after cleaning. They also impact resistant and can take care of minor impacts on the wall.

Harmless to health and a Natural Product
Wings Glass Wall Coverings do not contain any softeners or neither other hazardous chemicals nor it contains any VOC’s. They are manufactured from natural resources such as quartz, sand, and soda. They are melted and the yarn is formed from it and then this is used to weave into a design or texture. Hence it is certified as textiles and uses the same norms as textiles.

Robust Wall Structures
In the modern-day wall, preparation gypsum sheets are used on the walls for faster work and clean looks. However, the joints still need to be finished for a homogenous finish. This is where Glass Wall Covering comes in for giving that robust and homogenous surface for painting & finishing. Glass Wall Covering can also be used to easily fill up areas where changes have been affected. This helps in easily covering up vast areas where changes have been made and you need to fill it up so that it’s not visible thus making its use help in making the place clean in no time.

By using Wings Glass Wall Coverings you do away with the most tedious way of painting.ie. First initiating wall finishing with Lambi & putty and then painting. Application of Lambi & putty is the dirtiest part in wall painting and decorating the premises. However each time you are changing the décor or repaint with a new colour this dirty part of the painting is eliminated totally, thus one is devoid of this messy & dirty part of wall painting/ decor.

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Wings Glass Wall Coverings are made by weaving glass (textile) yarns. Glass is melted at very high temperatures (more than 1500 degree centigrade) and extruded as glass yarn. These yarns are woven together as a fabric in various 3D design textures.
Wings Glass Wall Covering are stuck to the wall using special adhesive like a normal wall paper. After the adhesive has dried, painting must be done over it.
The surface has to be smooth, stable and well primed, if the wall is suspected to have dampness, then that wall needs to treated first and then the surfacing finished with good quality white cement putty which has to be sanded and water primed.
Yes. Painting with appropriate paint forms a perfect composite which solves most of the wall problems.
Prevents cracks, No paint Flaking, Washable, Economical, Breathable walls, Anti-static, Fire resistant, and a great problem solver.

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