Jointing Compounds

We take pride in being the most reliable service provider when it comes to solution for wall cracks. We are able to deliver the exceptional quality of support in clearing blemishes and removing all other defects of the walls with our world-class products. Our wide range of wall improvement products and crack resistant solutionsinclude: Various types of jointing compounds for walls.

  • Gypstar Multipurpose Jointing Compound: Made to strengthen Gypsum boards, this jointing compound prepares the surface well for further processes and delivers exceptional finish. It is a pre-mixed, lightweight compound and is made primarily for commercial spaces.
  • Cemstar Cement Board 1K compound for interior walls: Walls of interiors also need to be maintained as new and fresh for longer periods. Apart from adding to the strength and helping achieve better quality substrate, the product treats the walls against molds and mildews too. Thus, the problem of typical dampness in the areas with moist conditions is solved to a great extent. Moreover Cemstar is best suited for filling of joints whilst using cement boards
  • Cemstar Cement Board 2K compound for exterior walls: This product makes the walls of the exterior areas more resilient to the conditions of outdoors specially sealing against rails and other conditions. This product also acts as a sealant . Thus, the walls continue to remain new, healthy, strong and shiny despite the threat of chemical attacks, airborne pollution and other wear and tear caused due to climatic conditions of the area.

So, hire us for the assessment and improvement of the wall conditions and our team will advise you on the products that can solve all wall issues. Make your premises clean and shining with our jointing products!

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Wings Glass Wall Coverings are made by weaving glass (textile) yarns. Glass is melted at very high temperatures (more than 1500 degree centigrade) and extruded as glass yarn. These yarns are woven together as a fabric in various 3D design textures.
Wings Glass Wall Covering are stuck to the wall using special adhesive like a normal wall paper. After the adhesive has dried, painting must be done over it.
The surface has to be smooth, stable and well primed, if the wall is suspected to have dampness, then that wall needs to treated first and then the surfacing finished with good quality white cement putty which has to be sanded and water primed.
Yes. Painting with appropriate paint forms a perfect composite which solves most of the wall problems.
Prevents cracks, No paint Flaking, Washable, Economical, Breathable walls, Anti-static, Fire resistant, and a great problem solver.

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Seems to be Very durable and decent. Excellent Service .Good job done!


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Very Good product. We got nice service and are satisfied with the work.

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