Our strength lies in providing glass wall coverings manufactured in Europe , conforming to international quality standards. These glass wall coverings can be affixed on any walls in various different types of premises. The intricate process involves melting glass and spinning at high speed to create glass yarn , which is then used to weave various textured glass wall coverings. The Woven fabric is then bound together by a special stiffening process. This special fabric is affixed to the wall surface protecting it from a variety of wears and tears thus providing a decent surface at all times.

To add further to the elegance there are several walls covering designs that will enhance the aesthetics of the space provided . Our range of Glass wall coverings is promoted under brand name WINGS.

Installation Procedure

Glass wall coverings can be affixed to levelled and clean walls just like other wallpapers only the glue is special. This makes the installation process simple and quick; therefore it can cover the larger spaces in minimal time and will last longer to conventional wall papers.

Safety First!

Our range of glass wall coverings is not only well designed but functional too. These glass wall coverings are fire resistant prevents spreading of notorious and toxic fumes in event of the fire(which is the case of other wall papers); they also increase the combustion time thereby providing more room to escape during the unfortunate incident. Thus, with WINGS glass wall coverings, you have an additional layer of safety around you.

Solve all wall issues with WINGS

Wall Designs add personality to your spaces. In long run they undergo a lot of wear and tear taking on all the dirt and debris. Glass wall coverings make it easy to keep maintain the look of walls and ensure they don't deteriorate with time. They are clean wall solutions that result in breathable walls. Some of the common issues resolved by opting for Glass Wall Covering are:

  • Cracks and crevices: WINGS glass wall covering reinforces the wall surfaces thus preventing cracks and crevices developing. The principle being, glass is ten times stronger than the steel by weight. And so it does not allow the wall surface to expand or contract thus preventing cracks from developing. Besides it does not have a high thermal coefficient of expansion, it fills all the loopholes effectively. It also makes the surface look smoother.
  • Flaky walls: Since paint tends to dry and gets flaky with time and it loses its initial luster and appearance and it leaves dirty patches on walls. .By applying Glass wall covering it ensures that this doesn't happen and the newness of the wall is retained for long. This is also an apt wall dampness solution and seepage solution.

Advantages of WINGS:

  • Long shelf-life: A WINGS treated wall does not require maintenance or replacement for a very long time. It has a life of 20 + years.
  • Reasonable: Glass wall covering is a cost-effective solution vs. constant painting and maintenance.
  • Improves ambience: The walls are covered with a mesh of closely woven glass yarn which offers easy breathability which is good for living conditions. Thus, the ambience inside the premise is fresher and free of dampness; thereby improving the quality of air.

In addition to the installation of glass wall covering, we also assist you with complete painting solutions and processes, as per your requirements; thereby completing the wall transformation that you seek.

Feel free to contact our experts for more guidance and quotes. We shall be happy to help!

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Wings Glass Wall Coverings are made by weaving glass (textile) yarns. Glass is melted at very high temperatures (more than 1500 degree centigrade) and extruded as glass yarn. These yarns are woven together as a fabric in various 3D design textures.
Wings Glass Wall Covering are stuck to the wall using special adhesive like a normal wall paper. After the adhesive has dried, painting must be done over it.
The surface has to be smooth, stable and well primed, if the wall is suspected to have dampness, then that wall needs to treated first and then the surfacing finished with good quality white cement putty which has to be sanded and water primed.
Yes. Painting with appropriate paint forms a perfect composite which solves most of the wall problems.
Prevents cracks, No paint Flaking, Washable, Economical, Breathable walls, Anti-static, Fire resistant, and a great problem solver.

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